• HITOP INDUSTRIAL LIMITED COMPANY is be founded in year 2002, with the excellent management team and professional manufacture team.
HITOP won the title of Dongguan Mould Association MemberDate: 2015-05-02
HITOP get great development in the field of plastic moulds, and with the arduous struggle of staffs in HITOP, and have the persistent innovation. More than ten years of unremitting efforts, down-to-earth, HITOP won the attention of the industries, won the mould association of fully affirmation in Dongguan city, was awarded the title of Dongguan mould association member, greatly inspired the mould development of Innovation in HITOP.
HITOP has its own strength, declared for several patents, and there is no lack of ingenious conception in the projects, with modern design,making exquisite with high quality project, emerged a large numbers of high-end mould technology products, furthermore, some reporting programs also incorporates the country current advocated by the concept of green environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction, intelligentize, and then won a variety of technology certificates.Especially in recent years, HITOP has independent development design and productions of mold products have won the favor of customers at home and abroad,ushered a broader market space for HITOP.
With strong support of Mould Association, has helped HITOP to provide guarantee in the technology, equipment and so on, enables HITOP to further enhance the manufacture of the mould level, occupation of complex structure, high precision, high technical content of high-grade mold market.